Why you need to have a professional Twitter profile?

You already have a Gmail account, Facebook profile, and a LinkedIn page that are working wonders for you. So, you feel that you do not need any more social media profile for promoting your product or service. Towards this end, you might feel that having a personal or business profile on Twitter would not be necessary.

But think again. Twitter presently has over 200,000,000 active users and only Facebook has more users. Nevertheless, if statistics does not seem convincing enough, here are some other good reasons why should open a Twitter account.

Helps boosts your business networking

You are most likely to see your favorite brands exploiting Twitter for promoting themselves. Twitter since the day it was launched has proven to be a perfect platform for commercial outfits for publicizing their wares. So, why not join the bandwagon and be a part of the action.

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Get connected to influential people

Twitter does not compel you to agree to specific terms and conditions for following or networking with other users. You can follow as many Twitterers as you can without first having to give your consent to mutual terms. You’ll find ample opportunities of connecting with like-minded individuals on Twitter. If you are looking for a good HVAC service then visit our site.

Stay updated on online trends

When it comes to searching for what is trending on YouTube, Twitter is the most reliable. Any new meme or video that is on its way of becoming viral will surely be there on Twitter.

You can express anything and everything in just 140 characters

If you’re someone with a very limited attention-span (most net surfers are), then Twitter is your best bet. Twitter now has made it mandatory that whatever you wish to express has to be done within the 140 character limit. This means other users will be able to scan your messages in a jiffy and ditto for you as well.




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