How Twitter Revolutionized the Internet

It was exactly a decade ago, on 21St March 2006, Jack Dorsey tweeted his very first message to announce the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the internet. Today, micro-blogging is synonymous with Twitter, just like online search is identical to Google, and a whopping two hundred billions of tweets are sent every year. The concept of hundred and forty character limit came from the standardized length of old textual messages sent from first generation mobiles.

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Twitter revolutionized the internet in numerous ways, and the most significant ones are discussed below.

Twitter had now become the de facto first source for catching up with breaking news

From page three juicy gossips to air accidents to wars, any scoop appears first on this virtual platform. Governments worldwide are increasingly relying on twitter instead of their traditional practice of press releases.

Hashtags have radically transformed the way information is accessed and managed

NGOs and charities with shoestring budgets liberally use this online platform to gather support for any noble cause. Major success stories include #nomakeupselfie and #icebucketchallange that garnered millions of pounds raised for purposes of charity.

Public messages raised the standard for customer service

This public medium offers essential collective value to its users by providing real-time updates about weather, train delays, or traffic. Brands can achieve stellar success; or can be doomed to oblivion, depending on how promptly they revert to an emergency situation. Twitter has the potential to transform traditional trade operations and their timescale radically. To put things into perspective, Live casting the promotional video of any significant product launch can even be broadcasted by means of a mobile application called Periscope and all associated queries can be addressed by keeping the Twitter in the loop at the time of the launch.


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