Why you need to have a professional Twitter profile?

You already have a Gmail account, Facebook profile, and a LinkedIn page that are working wonders for you. So, you feel that you do not need any more social media profile for promoting your product or service. Towards this end, you might feel that having a personal or business profile on Twitter would not be necessary.

But think again. Twitter presently has over 200,000,000 active users and only Facebook has more users. Nevertheless, if statistics does not seem convincing enough, here are some other good reasons why should open a Twitter account.

Helps boosts your business networking

You are most likely to see your favorite brands exploiting Twitter for promoting themselves. Twitter since the day it was launched has proven to be a perfect platform for commercial outfits for publicizing their wares. So, why not join the bandwagon and be a part of the action.

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Get connected to influential people

Twitter does not compel you to agree to specific terms and conditions for following or networking with other users. You can follow as many Twitterers as you can without first having to give your consent to mutual terms. You’ll find ample opportunities of connecting with like-minded individuals on Twitter. If you are looking for a good HVAC service then visit our site.

Stay updated on online trends

When it comes to searching for what is trending on YouTube, Twitter is the most reliable. Any new meme or video that is on its way of becoming viral will surely be there on Twitter.

You can express anything and everything in just 140 characters

If you’re someone with a very limited attention-span (most net surfers are), then Twitter is your best bet. Twitter now has made it mandatory that whatever you wish to express has to be done within the 140 character limit. This means other users will be able to scan your messages in a jiffy and ditto for you as well.




Twitter as a useful tool in the Professional World

Many folks use Twitter casually. But it can also be used to enhance one’s professional life. It can be used for networking as well as building the brand.

Twitter is a virtual social platform that allows its user to post brief thoughts of hundred and forty characters or less known as tweets. Some folks use Twitter to communicate with their friends, while many others use it for business networking and interacting with existing as well as potential customers.

Twitter originated as an informal way to get in touch with others and to write minimalistic messages on the go and in real time. As Twitter has matured, an increasing number of business houses have boarded this train and are engaging it for increasing their revenues. Some people are active on this platform to search jobs, while many other professionals are using Twitter for networking.

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As a professional, a person can use Twitter for networking, building the identity of one’s brand in the World Wide Web, increasing the online market outreach, and also for providing customer support to the end users. For using Twitter as a networking tool, a tool for connecting with other people, one should remember the following suggestions.

  • Following users related to one’s field
  • Engaging with others and also exchanging ideas
  • Not spamming
  • Being professional
  • Retweeting comments made by others
  • Being polite and nice

At the time of building a brand from scratch, to make people comprehend and remember the products of that brand and also to reach more people on Twitter, one should keep in mind the following tips.

  • writing informative messages about the brand
  • Refraining from mentioning anything negative about one’s market rivals
  • Using hashtags
  • Retweeting positive contents made by other people
  • Finding out and posting when one’s target audience also happens to be on Twitter
  • Not spamming


Why is Twitter Important for Online Promotion

Twitter offers a wide array of benefits and uses for businesses and possesses the potential to complement other alternative channels of communication. One can refer to the business pages of twitter for additional information and can go through the official Twitter guide written exclusively for small business owners. Today nobody can ignore this social platform to promote their businesses online, and some of the most significant methodologies for web marketing are discussed below.


Twitter allows one’s followers to update with the latest information about that person’s business. Additionally, it lets those followers interact with the business owner also. For instance, cinemas engage Twitter in communicating with patrons, suggest new releases and retweet exciting tweets made by movie experts and film buffs.

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Lead Generation

Tweeting about new products or special offers encourages one’s followers to look for more, potentially generating additional revenues. For instance, travel operators run special promotions like “buy one get one” on Twitter.

Introducing the Personality of the Brand to the Potential Consumers

Twitter is one such tool that any person or business identity can use to enhance their image. For instance, tweeting about the employees and also about the brand’s psyche provides the followers with a broad sense of the business one owns and makes the enterprise more meaningful than just being a supplier of items or services. For instance, bookstores can make good use of witty humor and zany descriptions for sharing links to thought-provoking articles, event promotions, literary award citations, and launch of new products.

Researching Emerging Trends

One does not need to tweet about using Twitter! Searching and following tweets do give a quick idea of evolving trends and topics in discussion. Twitter works in real time, and one can look for ongoing conversations. Twitter can state the present hot issues and allows one to witness what other Twitter users are conversing about the brand he or she owns, its rivals and also the product category. Many business corporations in Australia use social media including the mighty Twitter for inviting feedbacks, comments, or reviews online. This information is immensely beneficial for businesses for future improvisations and also for the potential customers for conducting researches prior to any purchase.



How Twitter Revolutionized the Internet

It was exactly a decade ago, on 21St March 2006, Jack Dorsey tweeted his very first message to announce the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the internet. Today, micro-blogging is synonymous with Twitter, just like online search is identical to Google, and a whopping two hundred billions of tweets are sent every year. The concept of hundred and forty character limit came from the standardized length of old textual messages sent from first generation mobiles.

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Twitter revolutionized the internet in numerous ways, and the most significant ones are discussed below.

Twitter had now become the de facto first source for catching up with breaking news

From page three juicy gossips to air accidents to wars, any scoop appears first on this virtual platform. Governments worldwide are increasingly relying on twitter instead of their traditional practice of press releases.

Hashtags have radically transformed the way information is accessed and managed

NGOs and charities with shoestring budgets liberally use this online platform to gather support for any noble cause. Major success stories include #nomakeupselfie and #icebucketchallange that garnered millions of pounds raised for purposes of charity.

Public messages raised the standard for customer service

This public medium offers essential collective value to its users by providing real-time updates about weather, train delays, or traffic. Brands can achieve stellar success; or can be doomed to oblivion, depending on how promptly they revert to an emergency situation. Twitter has the potential to transform traditional trade operations and their timescale radically. To put things into perspective, Live casting the promotional video of any significant product launch can even be broadcasted by means of a mobile application called Periscope and all associated queries can be addressed by keeping the Twitter in the loop at the time of the launch.